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PGR Karting

When you need an auto repair company specializing in Phil Giebler Racing (PGR) karting repair and maintenance, FSE LA Complete Auto Center is the top choice. We love PGR racing, and working on karts to help them go faster is our passion. Our team has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to optimize your PGR kart for the track and help you get a good result in your big race.

PGR karting is a developing and rapidly advancing area of racing. To keep up, you need an innovative team that can find creative solutions for your kart, ensuring you're ready for the next race. Book an appointment with our team at (949) 304-6950 today!

PGR Karting Professionals

If your PGR kart becomes damaged in a race or needs a tune-up, you shouldn't take it to just any auto repair shop. These are specialized vehicles, and they require a mechanic with the technical experience and skills to ensure that all components are optimized to run a fast race.

At FSE LA Complete Auto Center, we're proud to have developed our services to the point where we can deliver the best PGR inspection, maintenance, and repair services around. We help your kart run smoothly and deliver high-performance results on the track.

Our team comprises specialized auto technicians with an extensive history of working on racing vehicles. We have the training, licenses, and proven experience to assess your kart and fix any parts that might be causing issues for you.

Thorough Kart Inspections

To optimize your PGR kart, having a team that can assess the whole vehicle and examine every component is essential. Your kart should never hold you back from showing what you can do out on the track.

FSE LA Complete Auto Center has been working with racing vehicles for years. Our professionals will inspect the engine, evaluate the wheels and bearings for issues of concern, and optimize the body for speed and efficiency when they look over your PGR kart. We'll develop a list of areas where we can improve your kart through either simple maintenance procedures or more intensive repairs.

If you're concerned about your kart's performance, benefit from an inspection with our team. Book at (949) 304-6950 and get the best technicians to look at your vehicle.

Comprehensive Kart Repairs

Has your PGR kart had a recent incident on the track? Or perhaps has been driving for some time and showing wear and tear? You shouldn't have to worry about whether your repair technician has the experience, parts, and equipment to fix your kart effectively. With FSE LA Complete Auto Center, you're in the best hands. Not only can we repair your vehicle, but we can also enhance it to its optimal level. We take a holistic view of your vehicle beyond fixing a single issue and will have your kart performing better than ever.

Some of the repairs we can perform include:

  • Engine repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Wheel and bearing repair
  • Tire alignment
  • Body repair
  • … and more

To get a prompt and professional repair on your kart, call (949) 304-6950 to book an appointment.

Call FSE LA Complete Auto Center for PGR Karting Service

If your PGR kart needs an inspection, maintenance, or repair service, FSE LA Complete Auto Center is the team of race kart specialists to help you. Contact our team at (949) 304-6950 and book service to optimize your kart today!

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