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Engine Cleaning Services

When it comes to engine cleaning services, there is no one better to trust than FSE LA Complete Auto Center. We are an experienced engine cleaning team offering quality service at competitive prices. Count on our team to get your engine back into performance shape.

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Experienced Engine Cleaners

We boast our experience because it will come in handy when we’re cleaning your engine, it will make for more efficient and effective results. In our day, we have cleaned many engines and have the service down to a science.

We will treat your engine properly and ensure the ongoing health of your engine the entire time it’s in our possession.

Why Keep Your Engine Clean?

Keeping your engine clean is a great way to maintain the efficiency and improve the performance of your engine. FSE LA Complete Auto Center offers premium engine cleaning services to detail the exterior of debris and rid the interior of deposits. With all the electronic, computer, and mechanical components under the hood, it takes a mechanics touch to give your engine the deep but careful clean it needs.

Book an engine cleaning today or add it on to your car’s scheduled maintenance!

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Why You Should Keep Your Engine Clean

True mechanics all say the same thing: a clean machine is a dream machine. And at FSE LA Complete Auto Center, we’re no different. Your engine requires care and attention to achieve optimal performance. All that buildup of excess grease and grime will eventually cause it to wear out sooner than expected. Moreover, the dust that accumulates on the exterior is liable to find its way inside and may cause friction where there shouldn’t be any.

Engine cleaning isn’t just for performance cars either. By maintaining a clean engine, you will save money by avoiding costly repairs and frustrating roadside breakdowns. Your vehicle will last longer and operate better on a day-to-day basis. Let our experts do their magic to keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency.

Engine Wash and Engine Detailing

Our experienced technicians understand engines inside and out. Unlike your typical car wash or detailing service, they know exactly how to treat every individual component. They don’t just aim a power washing at your engine and blast away. Using specialized tools, they take time to clean all the delicate mechanical and electronic components carefully. Engine bay cleaning requires an expert’s knowledge and a veteran’s hand to get it right.

Their goal is to make sure your engine not only looks great but works great too. Book an engine cleaning with our professional technicians or add it to other services you need to be completed.

What’s Included in Engine Cleaning?

Our comprehensive engine cleaning services include cleaning all the essential moving, filtering, and mechanical components. From car engine steam cleaning to degreasing the pistons, we take care of everything for you. Bring your vehicle in for engine cleaning today, and take advantage of:

  • Vent cleaning
  • Filter cleaning
  • Exterior steam cleaning
  • Engine detailing
  • Piston carbon deposit cleaning
  • Oil sludge removal
  • Exterior grease and oil build-up removal

If you want to make the most out of your investment and have a well-functioning engine for years to come, it’s time you gave us a call to book an appointment!

The Engine Cleaning Process:

We spare no expense when cleaning our clients’ engines. When you hire our team to do your engine cleaning, you are hiring one of the most thorough engine cleaning services available in the area.

Let us explain our engine cleaning process to you so you know we are serious when we say we’re thorough. Every part of the engine cleaning process is important to the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Vent Cleaning

One of the first things we’ll do is clean your engine’s ventilation system. Your engine’s ventilation system is crucial to your engine’s performance as it is responsible for releasing flammable gasses that need to be expelled. Any sort of blockage must be taken care of right away.

Our team is some of the best vent cleaners you’ll find. By employing attention to detail that past clients have remarked unmatched in the area, we’ll ensure your engine’s ventilation system is functioning the way it should. When your vehicle leaves our shop, you won’t have to worry whether your engine is in good shape. You can be confident that it is.

Filter Cleaning

Like the ventilation system, the filter’s function is preventative. Your filter is designed to keep dirt and dust from entering your engine while driving. Don’t forget. Your engine is exposed to the elements—your filter will eventually become clogged or at least ineffective. FSE LA Complete Auto Center is the team for the job.

Our delicate yet thorough filter cleaning process will keep your filter in good shape and allow you to drive with confidence knowing your vehicle isn’t being plugged up by dirt. Of course, after a certain point, your filter will no longer be functional, and we will have to replace it. However, because you’re working with us, you can expect to receive a fiercely competitive price on your filter replacement.

Exterior Steam Cleaning

This service will establish that our services not only make your engine running smoother but also make it look much nicer. Beyond aesthetics, steam cleaning takes all the grime off your engine’s exterior to help its performance. Again, your engine only functions well when it’s not overheating. Extra dirt on the exterior of your engine equals added insulation which makes your engine run hotter. This is exactly what you don’t want. We will carefully steam the dirt off and ensure your engine is in good shape.

We don’t just use any steam cleaning technique to clean our clients’ engines. We do it carefully. Your average steam cleaner is not good for the exterior of your engine and can damage it. That’s why we use specialized equipment to ensure no damage occurs under our watch—only excellent results are acceptable.

Engine Detailing

You can view engine detailing as the finishing touches of your engine’s exterior cleaning needs. The main purpose of detailing is to beautify your engine and make it look factory new. Well, as it turns out, FSE LA Complete Auto Center believes the way your engine looks is important. There’s a reason your engine didn’t come out of the factory covered in dirt. Instead, it looked shiny and clean—that’s because that’s how it’s supposed to be and how it will perform its best.

Our job is to ensure your engine is clean and performs as it should when it leaves our shop. If you’re overdue for a professional engine detailing service, there is no one better to call than us for the job.

Piston Carbon Deposit Cleaning

Back to the interior of your engine. After much use, and since your pistons are firing the entire time your engine is running, your pistons will eventually develop a buildup of carbon. This is to be expected to a certain degree, but neglect over time will cause your engine to strain, which is never good under any circumstances.

Cleaning the carbon deposits from your pistons is one of the more labor-intensive aspects of the cleaning service we provide—that said, we are always certain to be thorough.

Oil Sludge Removal

Oil sludge buildup in an engine is very common. However, it is not a good sign. Depending on the extent of your sludge buildup and its causes, we will make suggestions that will prevent future oil sludge buildup, and we’ll be transparent about how much that will cost you. However, if you’ve been driving the same vehicle for a while and you’re bringing your vehicle for its first total engine cleaning service, some sludge is to be expected.

We will remove your sludge using professional techniques to improve your engine’s ability to run as intended.

Friendly, Helpful, and Honest Automotive Services

At FSE LA Complete Auto Center, engine cleaning is just the beginning. You’ll be greeted with a big smile by our knowledgeable staff. You’ll be given an accurate estimate of the work required. And your car will be ready in no time!

For engine cleaning and other auto shop services, call us now.

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